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Fired ceramic barcode label fused on stainless steel substrate. Barcode patterns are printed using ceramic ink on a thin ceramic layer that is fired and fused to a heat resistant stainless steel substrate.

Shock resistance was added to the heat and chemical resistance features of ceramic.
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Heat resistance
Maximum heat resistance: 600 ± 50°C, 800 ± 100°C, 1000 ± 200°C

Chemical resistance
Properties SL-600 SL-800 SL-1000
Acid H2SO4 (5%、20℃) No effect after 100 days
H2SO4 (98%、70℃) No effect after 3 days
HCl (5%、20℃) No effect
after 10 days
No effect
after 1 day
No effect
after 3 days
HNO3 (60%、20℃) No effect
after 100 days
No effect
after 30 days
No effect
after 100 days
Alkali NaOH (5%、20℃) No effect after 100 days
Solvent --- No effect

Weather resistance
1) No effect on ceramic layer after 30 cycles salt spray test of under the below condition.
Condition Temperature Humidity Time
5% salt water spray 35±1°C Over 95% 2 hours
Dry hot air 60±2°C --- 4 hours
Wetting 50±2°C Over 95% 2 hours
2) No effect after 4000 hours of weather meter test. (Equivalent to 15 years of outdoor use)

Shock resistance
The barcode label withstands a shock caused by a 200g steel ball dropped from a height of 50cm with no damage.

Super mini label
The minimum short side length of a label can be 2 mm

Other types of CERALABEL SL
An additional transparent glass layer is fused on the barcode label layer to improve chemical resistance. Ceramic barcode label is fused on a Titanium substrate to improve substrate chemical resistance.

Material Heat resistance stainless steel substrate and ceramic layer
Thickness 0.2, 0.4, 0.7, 1.0 mm
Mounting Screw
Spot welding
Double-sided adhesive tape
Pocket method
Barcode All kind of barcodes including 2D codes
PCS More than 75%

  • Beer casks and parts for electric trains that require resistance to heat, chemical and dirt.
  • Material moving pallets and containers for automobile parts that require weather resistance and shock resistance.
  • Transfer cassettes and carriers for semiconductors and glass substrate for LCD that undergo heat treatment.

Product line-up
CERALABEL SL - 600, 800, 1000
CERALABEL - 100, 200, 300
Etched Label
US Label (Ultra Strong Label)
Aluminum label
Slit Label
Woven fabric label
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